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I have to say bioware, you actually had me excited when I found out offhand armorings were not bound to slot. I'm currently one of the players that has campaign armorings in my belt/bracer and a campaign hilt in my mainhand. I'm one of the players you were targeting elite war hero towards so we wouldn't continue to do this.

Well unfortunately with the release of a new tier of PvP gear, you decided to release an equivalent tier of PvE gear alongside it, so my campaign armorings will just be upgraded to dread master equivalents - as will my hilt and offhand armorings.

My main interest in the PvP offhand armorings were so I could stop using battlemaster armorings to keep my PvE set effect with PvP armor stats. I was prepared to farm as many offhands as I could to accomplish this. But for some reason you took what would have been a smart idea to get people investing time getting PvP armorings, and turned it into the same situation it was before except even worse. Why not allow players to customize their gear the way they want to?
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