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09.19.2012 , 01:11 PM | #14
May I kill your Sith?

I'm going to be drawing the scenes from the last little story piece. If you have read it you know that 4 other nameless Sith die. When you write, the extras can be as nameless and faceless as you want. When you draw, eh little harder to show 4 Sith without showing 4 Sith. I can make them up, I can look in the game for random Sith to kill, but if you want and are willing I can kill YOUR Sith in my alternate universe. I can even have a mention of their name if you like or it can just be a sith who looks vaguely like yours.

Just link to a screenshot of your Sith.

I don't think too many people read this thread so I doubt I'll have a flood of volunteers. If I do get more than 4 I'll pick the 4 most different looking because sometimes the PC's we make kind of look the same and I'm not subtle (good) enough with my drawings to make them distinct. For instance, had it not been for hair color and makeup choice Darth Lachris and Coremi's mom would have been the same person. Awkward.

Anyway, let me kill your Sith.