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Doing a different type of shout-out. Here's the people I'm most afraid of facing, but also how to beat them (at least in theory):

Murk - Probably one of the best Huttball carriers out there and a very accomplished fire-puller. Watch your back if he's anywhere near a hazard and use your ranged stun on him just before the fire lights up.
Lamech - Absolutely brutal player and nearly unstoppable ball carrier. But I have never observed him passing the ball so you can just ignore his teammates and focus on him for the most part :P
Panopticus - If you ever leave less than 3 players at a node he WILL steal it, somehow. His weakness is that you can look inside the hut and click on him. Also he is bad at spelling guild names.
Shamaya - If she's guarding a node you're never going to get it from her. No known weaknesses yet.

Sar - I love everything about you. Your DPS, emotion-oriented gameplay, your tendency to stick to one target like glue for a whole warzone (some people even accuse you of griefing!), and the fact that you have every single Imperial player on ignore :P Damn objectives if you can keep a healer out of the game for a whole match! Even when I was a lowly recruit-geared healer I loved you from the first time. Not many players can play a melee class like that and still type out dozens of emotes at the same time.
Arash - As I posted in the old thread, you hit so hard that I would die again in the spawn after rezzing. The best way to beat you is just to group up with you so you're not against me.
Drazzen - Good all-round player but he is easily subdued by hugs and other expressions of love.
Manlio - Smart, objective-oriented player and a good sport too. Always a pleasure to play against.

Prae - My jaw dropped when I first played against you. Usually when facing a very good Gunslinger, line of sight is the only tool that keeps me alive. How wrong I was. You used LoS mercilessly against me, separating me from my teammates and I couldn't get a single cast-time spell off (interrupting even better than a tank Juggy) and somehow you were still putting out 750k total damage on the rest of my team and making door-capping impossible with your Incendiary Grenade. Weakness: I can only guess that someone who puts out that much damage would have to be squishy, theoretically.

Rytan - You are really a healer's best friend. I have never played with anyone who can protect so well. Full defense geared tanks are very rare and you put out incredible protection numbers. Weakness: Hits like a wet noodle
Reckoner - I swear that fat Twi'lek body must improve your Force Sweep damage. I have to keep yelling at everyone to not stack up on me Weakness: He's really fat so you can see him coming from a mile away.
Jevy - Same as Reckoner, only skinnier.

Adding a few more later for the healer or ranged classes. As a healer I tend to notice the people smashing my face in more than the guy healing them.
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