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09.19.2012 , 12:34 PM | #1
sorry to repost again i've seen SOOO many threads about this i know, but i was wondering if there has been any developer response to this at all? i havnt seen anything in the dev trackers not sure if this is just a problem for the bastion server or if it is going on in all the servers? Not sure if this is working as intended or maybe its just me qq'ing about it because i find it annoying.

Just curious what can be done about it because i think if they put a major debuff of some sort on the leaver then who will que for the next warzone? we have to wait for a warzone as is ,not on peak hours, so maybe a buff to people to who stay the whole match maybe? But that could lead to afking again in warzones which is just as bad if not worse.

Any new ideas or maybe i could just suck it up and qq to myself I just find it a little annoying and i can't get geared very steadily because of the constant loses.. thanks for your time and as always flame on