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I love my shadow tank. So much fun <3
Totally agree. It almost feels like if you don't have a Shadow tank you're doing it wrong .

OP - If you're having problems with KB's (I'm assuming you're a Guardian/Jugg since Shadows should have problem with that and Vanguards can still have 30m options) try not leaping in. Start with Saber Throw from a moderate distance away so you can get in close enough for Force Scream/Blade Storm(?). By then you should be in range. If you get knocked back then you can use your leap.

I haven't really had too many problems on my Shadow with KB's but the Shadow tank has a ton of gap closers, stealth up, speed back, pull. But if ypou know they are coming you should be planning for them. Alternatively you could just let the impatient Maras leap in and eat the KB and then you could leap in and taunt. Not exactly "best practice" but it would work.
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