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Jenzali, thank you for starting a new Shout Out thread, the original one was epic, and now it's tradition. I'm sure Gabby approves, wherever he is.


Jerc: Damn your PT hide, in a good way. Fighting you makes me miss Bruha, and that's a huge compliment from me.

Razyr: Ouch. Just Ouch.

Dominance/Dimi: Quit trying to kill me all the time! :P

Lamech: Where have you been? Playing in a different time slot, I guess. I really miss the cat and mouse with you and Pano.


Everyone in ABlades: Thanks for continuing to play. Seriously.

Kloma: Always a pleasure to have in a WZ.

Bengalknight: Thanks for all the awesome heals.

See you guys on the battlefield.
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