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most of the entries are linked to quests, huh?

Im playing a trooper and tried to get the 'tythonnian war droid' entry. Couldn't. Killed tons of em, all kinds too, I think. So maybe that entry is also linked to a quest.
Nope. I have smuggler and trooper characters with this entry, so definitely no quest required for it, since neither class can get any quests on Tython.

By the way, if I had a friend create a fresh Knight/Consular and party him thru all the quests, would the entries pop for me?
Probably not. You'd have to have the quests in your log to get the entries tied to them. And if your friend tried to share the quests with you, they would just get a message saying you are not eligible for the quest, more or less the same as the "not eleigible for this conversation" messages you would get if you tried to talk to the NPC quest-givers to pick up the quests yourself.