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09.19.2012 , 09:50 AM | #47
Like the idea of a LIve Q&A but having pre-prepared or selected questions doe s leave it very similar to the old Weekly Q&A. I hope there is honesty in the answers given, even if that means the answer being "I don't know".

A few questions I would like answered are:
1. Why not give all subbed members 16 character slots - I have them but others should too...I won't be deleting 5 characters for ANY new species Cathar or otherwise...might kill off one or two but not five.
2. Any chance of speeding up spawns of resources...crates etc on the black hole etc. if we are going to have greater populations its a royal pain to be camping for these on dailies etc. I mean there is grinding and there is g r i n d i n g!!
3. When can we expect the expanded storyline - just give me a month to look forward to, you don't have to name the day!
4. What ever happened to the idea of the ship droid's storyline?
5. Legacy - I love this feature - its a real reward for people to stick with the game and nurture a full set of Alts BUT there are not half enough legacy bound items or rewards. I'd love to see a cool looking legacy bound mount that adapted to your XP level automatiically.
6.Mods - the cost of moving Mods in and out of gear. I recently moved Tionese and Baisc mods into the Tusken costume from the recent Event. Now I have some Columi gear and its gonna cost another small fortune to move them again....not worth it as it stands, this needs to be fixed.
7. Events - love these!!!! BUT need more often and we need warning as to when they will take place....I almost missed the last one as I was on holiday with family....had I known when it was coming up I'd have made provision for it - sad my devotion to the game but there you are!!
8. MOST IMPORTANT - I love this game but when are we gonna get a definition of SOON - I am patient but I hate being strung along - paying over 150 a year for this game to me is quiet a bit of cash - I think I am owed something when it comes to knowing whats coming and when its coming if I am to keep feeling the love.