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Legion of Squirrels, an Imperial side guild, is recruiting a few people for our second raid group.

About Us

We are a laid back, progression raiding guild looking for more people that want to have fun while experiencing the hardest content the game offers (as cliche as that sounds). We don't demand a strict attendance record, we only ask that when you do show up, you enjoy yourself. Experience in content is a plus, but not a requirement. As long as you want to improve your character, that's good enough for us. We call it casualcore. There is even a level 52 in the guild!


Currently we are 10/10 nightmare content, 4/4 HM EC, 5/5 SM TFB, 4/5 HM TFB and we regularly down Nightmare Pilgrim with a few friends of the guild.

The Basics

The guild uses mumble and mox for end game content. We don't adhere to a very specific loot system. If you show up for a kill, you are entitled to rolling for loot that you may need. However, we do ask that people generally stick to a 1 piece of loot per run through an operation if there are multiple people who need the same item (note if there is no competition for an item, feel free to pick up all the loot you can handle).

Raid Times

Current raid times for the first group are M/W/F from 830 est until whenever people decide to go to bed. Usually around 1130 est, give or take.

Raid times for the second group are still TBD, but it sounds like they are leaning towards a T/Th raid schedule.


We are now in the process of forming a ranked WZ team. If interested in joining the team, please contact Nyryss in game.

Contact Info

If interested please contact myself, or any member of the guild, in game. Or if you prefer, the officers are Adäs/Karness, Jayto, Kiayä, Veritas/Draft (alt 132 for the accents on the a's).