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09.19.2012 , 09:17 AM | #44
1) When will Oceanic servers be receiving their four additional character slots as has happened with US/European servers?

2) What is the future of Oceanic servers? Will these be merged as the community has been suggesting, or will they be emalgamated into the US servers again?

3) Will we still be seeing the Same Gender Relationship content any time soon (originally slated for this year)?

4) Are steps being taken to improve artwork for endgame character items (armour especially)?

5) When will we see decent communication about the future of this game, rather than the continual "soon" response? There have been numerous "promises" that have been made in the past, discussed, or even promoted, and yet the communiy no longer knows what will is still being worked on, and what has been binned (eg SGR, Space Battles, Story Content, HK-41, etc.)