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1) Why did you opt for vertical gear progression instead of horizontal gear progression, given that vertical gear progression segregates the community and invalidates old content too quickly?

2) What is your roadmap / future design philosophy regarding open world pvp? I don't need specifics, just general philosophies like how you plan to encourage it (rewards etc), balance it (npcs?), that sort of thing. I'm basically looking for reassurance that you have a plan and that it makes sense. I'm willing to wait for actual results, but if your plan is rubbish then I wont.

3) There seems to be a lot of evidence that SW:TOR doesn't support multi-core processors. This can be seen by running TOR and checking your core load: 1 core will typically be maxed out (or close to..) whilst the others are idling at 5-15%. Is there any plan to address this issue?

4) Do you have any plans to add support classes to the game, such as buffers / debuffers etc?

5) Do you have any plans to make the combat in this game more complicated regarding stats? For example, adding the ability to stack ranged / melee / force / tech defences individually, or adding the ability to stack bleed resistance / poison resistance etc. It seems that atm, the game is too simplistic regarding character development
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