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Adaptive Conversation System
I like it. I think it'd be pretty entertaining. Trouble is, Bioware tried that with Dragon Age 2, I believe, but the impact seem rather negligible for the huge cost involved. I believe most players did not notice the difference because players tend not to fluctuate, so what happened was, for most players, their character's attitude swung one way and one way only. And so all the additional content didn't get the chance to be shown.

Personally, I'd be very entertained by it, but it just costs so much for such a marginal benefit to the player.

Not sure where you're going with this. It sounds like fluff, but it's a hit and miss. For me, it's a miss. If given the choice of choosing some other feature, any other feature, I'd choose the other feature over this one. Sorry.

Classes: Bounty Hunter
Wasn't this done to some extent in SWG? Not a big deal though. It sounds intriguing. Can you get an entire guild to consecutively put out bounties on one character that you hate so that character can't leave the planet for days at a time?

My gut feeling is that these sort of feature works best in a full sim environment, like EVE online. SWTOR is aimed at a different kind of audience, one that is a lot more time constrained, and less likely to put up with this type of disruption to their plans, be it raiding or just logging on to do warzone dailies.

They already have a lot of flavour text. Just walk about the planets. Coruscant, especially, entering Dark Sun territory, Senate Tower, Senate Plaza, Slums, etc. Your companions will have something to say. Not all of them comment at the same places or for the same reasons. Kira Carson, for example, has lots to say about Taris locations.

I do like the other stuff you mentioned, like the cat-fight between Akaavi Spar and Risha, but it's very high cost content. It's entertaining as hell, but it gets consumed in a manner of minutes and it takes days to implement, not factoring cost for voice actors, staging, writing, etc.

A more feasible alternative would be like Leliana's dialogue options in Dragon Age, where you could always have a chat with her to get her to tell you one of her many stories. For SWTOR, it'd be nice once you've finished your companion storyline, to maybe just have a chat with them to hear their own stories or their interpretation of your major decisions in Acts I, II, and III. Sure, it's repeated, it's essentially listening to a story again, but it's better than the nothing you get now once your storyline is over.

So you're saying that every SWTOR player now has to buy Kinect or similar device? I wasn't aware that the technology was so widespread on PCs.

Jedi Temple
That sounds kind of cool. How do Imperial players sneak inside the Jedi Temple for the archives though? And wait, weren't the majority of the archives destroyed by the Sacking of Coruscant? The library in the Jedi Temple on Tython is just what they managed to salvage.

World of Warcraft had something like that for cinematic shown when the major boss of the current expansion was defeated. Players that brought down the boss for the first time on the server unlocked the feature for other players to view.

I'd personally like to review the cinematics for the operations. Cause they had storylines, conversations, etc. Was really entertaining, especially the one you get for defeated Kephess. Too bad it was once-only. Would be nice if there was a holocron of the event that you could use on fleet.

The Kaon/Lost Island series was excellent too.

Flashpoint Conversations
Seems like the idea is to introduce an interrupts system that allows players to cut into the conversation being played out by other players. I don't see how makes this a more dynamic system. People will simply revert to interrupt as soon as they can, it becomes the new space-bar.

Player Housing
I thought ships were the player housing. All they'd need to a feature to allow us to decorate our ships (and I don't mean the current legacy unlocks.)

Sprint Ability
Sorry, but I hate this idea. The big problem with having sprint available at level 14, was that it created a dichotomy for groups at that level. People under level 14 could not move as a group due to them not having sprint. I remember what a pain it used to be. Vehicles weren't as much of a problem because for most flashpoints or instanced areas, you could not mount up on your speeder.

Also don't people unlock their Legacy at the end of chapter 2? That's a lot of levels where you won't have sprint.

I don't want to see people in Ord Mantell having group issues because they're in a mixed group of people completely new to the game and people with Legacy 1 unlocked.

Don't click on it. But yeah, I guess we could have that disabled if you can't stop yourself from clicking on it.

Sorry. I don't like this suggestion because I see it as a bad solution in search of a problem. Sure, for a newbie, fleet can get confusing. Why not fly someone directly to Coruscant after they leave the starting world? Just move the intro NPCs to Coruscant/Dromund Kaas and be done.

I don't like the idea of additional layers of segregation. WAR did that with their four tiers of content, making it troublesome for guildies to help each other out across different levels.

For every player that hates Huttball, there's a player who loves it. Me? I don't care either way.

World Bosses
Nope. I hate world bosses. The engine doesn't handle them well. And some, like Nightmare Pilgrim, are so easy to disrupt (sure, it's a reportable offense, but it still ruins your night.) Also difficulty ramping is steep. You have Primal Destroyer, which is doable by most groups, the one in Hoth, which I can't remember the name of, (not Snowblind, the other one,) and then you get Nightmare Pilgrim, which requires two full groups of people decked in Rakata as their average gear level.

But yeah, a spiffy codex entry might be entertaining.

Group Finder
Nope. Sorry. Strongly disagree with you there. Group Finder is very buggy, and it lacks features, but the concept is good. It is in-keeping with the audience for which SWTOR was designed. That is to say, SWTOR players don't want to have to sit around in Republic Fleet hoping to form a group. They have limited time to play each day. They want to get things done. Group Finder helps this.

You want to kill a specific world boss? You got to the respective planet. You want to meet up for the role-playing event at the cantina on Nar Shaddaa? You have to go there. You want to do operations? Go meet up at Gav Daragon. You want two guilds to meet head on in a grudge match? Go to Tatooine's No Man's Land.

But I think I understand what you're saying. You're really talking about fluff that each planet could offer the player that is irregardless of leveling, wealth, gear, etc. Aren't you? Sure, I guess. Can't say no to more variety.

Player Role
This seems to be not so much player role, but impact on the server world based on player outcomes. It's a really intriguing idea. Reminds me of DAoC and how control of the relics and different keeps would grant bonuses to the players, given each realm a massive incentive to defend their lands.

I like the idea though, but it's like sitting on a pile of explosives. People tend to jump ship from the losing side. If losing warzones lead to penalties to the losing side, what do you think happen? DAoC could do it because they had three sides. If one side dominated, the other two factions would team up to mitigate the imbalance.

The grunt on jump is your personal preference. Maybe there should be an option to turn this on or off. I think most players will turn it off. As for the other stuff, I'm actually amused. SWTOR has many faults, but sound isn't one of them. SWTOR has some pretty amazing sound effects and music. So yeah, I'm quite amused that you'd find fault with it. But to each his/her own.

UI Design
Yeah. This is your personal preference. Sorry. Don't agree with you. I may hate the default layout, but at least I can move things around. That's essentially what 1.2 did. It gave me some ability to rearrange my UI to how I prefer it.

I agree with you. It does seem odd. But that's not a big issue for me in terms of all the other issues I have with SWTOR.
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