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Ok I am not completly clear about what should be asked here. Is this for just patch 1.4, is this for future patches or is this a simple Q&A? Also should we be limited to a single question?

Question: Will the Cartel Coin shop be in before the F2P cross over so any bugs can be resolved prior to F2P and people can start to purchase items they want. Also can we have more details as to what is going to be in the Cartel shop, will we see New Ship designs, new species, new speeders or will the majority of items be xp, social, valor boosts, consusambles and letting free players purchase the functionality of a premium player?

Question: Will we see more heroic +2 and heroic +4 missions in the updates or will it all be flash points, opps and 16 man opps? I personaly like being able to do some content without needing group finder and then having the pug I am in try to avoid as much of the content as possible by avoiding agro zones. Was the fact that the mobs have an agro zone on 40 meters but there is 42 meters to the wall allowing people to "sneak" past a design choice or an oversight and why do trash mobs on hard flashpoints not drop loot to encourage killing them?

Question: Why is it taking so long for Cathar to be released. I have no interest in Cathar but it has been said that I will need to make a Cathar to show I support new species and get more added. Is this still the case? And is there any hope of getting some decent new species personaly I am hoping for a Gran or Kel'dor and am treading water with alts till a species I want is released.