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09.19.2012 , 03:14 AM | #26
Oceanic Server merges certainly won't happen before FTP comes online.
It would be silly to not see how many people come back to the game when that drops.
Even if they only get 300 people to resub/join the game in all of the Oceanic/APAC areas and we spread that out evenly over the three servers we would have acceptable population levels..thats acceptable but not ideal.
So from my perspective they should wait until then.

Yes the Oceanic servers are in bad shape..heck Master D is in dire shape, and yes we need the pop issues fixed, but we should wait till F2P.

If we get more than 300 which is a pitiful number tbh, then the situation only gets better for us.
Is 3000 resubs/new players in all of Oceania unrealistic? I think its at least a possibility.

My point is they dont need that many people to improve the situation on the Oceanic servers, so from their perspective and mine for that matter, they should play a wait and see game for these servers.

Fingers crossed that F2P fixes our pop issue.

Im feeeling the pain as much as anyone here (Legacy 38, valour level 78 and 65 on my main and alt) if F2P does not fix it then I will demand a merger hopefully into one Oceanic based server or free transfers to West Coast servers.
But for now lets wait and see and yes I know its frustrating, Im frustrated but still lets wait and see.
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