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Hello! I notice this in the pic when it came out months ago. That's actually the "ancient hypergates" warzones, which takes place on the same planet as terror from beyond, so there is a good chance it may be a PvP crystal. Hopefully there is a PvE black-cyan version from TFB, to kind of go with the idea of Explosive conflict drops black-oranges.
PS-a cyan-magenta would be pretty! I guess black-magenta would be cool to...
PSS- there already is a black-purple very rare PvP crystal, from the PvP vendor.
Here's to hoping they make it a PvP and PvE crystal. (As they did with Black-Purple and Black-Orange) in 1.2.

Hopefully they are obtained through the TFB HM chests. I always liked the initial suspense of seeing if we got a Black-Purple or not.