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09.18.2012 , 09:29 PM | #148
Prompt: Life and Death

Title: New Muwn (have I mentioned I cannot resist puns?)

Characters: Rixik, Kirya, Corso, Miel Muwn

Spoilers for Smuggler Coruscant quests (chapter 1).

So, yeah, uh, very much not a drabble. Almost 1600 words of not-drabble. Sorry to break up the mood. This is the ‘more verbose prequel’ to the drabble I posted earlier.



@Iamthehoyden: *gasp* no Gault? The BH crew without Gault is like the smuggler crew without Gus. But I see your point. And a good pick for the theme.

@Kabeone: I like Kira being the stand-in (almost) for the canon JK here. Really good idea.