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My two cents: The only thing that is missing from Star Wars to make it a truly addicting and enjoyable long lasting experience is Player to Player interactions OUTSIDE OF PVP MATCHES AND OPS RUNS. The galaxy is so separated and Sith and Republic players only communicate" in PvP matches or random ganking on some far off planet. The economy is boring and pointless and has no creative spirit what so ever. Most crafting is a joke and a waste of time (I should know Im an Artificer). And unless you like grinding you face down in repetitious activities that don't evoke any of the emotions of Star Wars this game is pretty much a waste of time. Ill tell you what I do enjoy...A Servers community and what creative ways other players have turned their lemons into lemonade. There can be an unlimited potential for players who enjoy community here or just a good sand boxing experience. You guys just need to expand upon it and get creative.

A good start could be allowing players to create and manipulate their environments in some way. Erect buildings, base camps, or whole cities. Set traps, hide custom made loot for other players to discover or maybe custom flash points. Allow players to place real credit-fronted bounty's/rewards on players collectible upon a received mark, player named Item, or commendation. Let players have the freedom to go ANYWHERE THEY WANT TO. I know some of the larger militia guilds would love to take charge of watching the gates or even starting new wars on servers. You could even throw in weapons and combat vehicles and real turrets (not cooldown based) to support assaults and defend bases (also preventing PvP mosh pits that made pvp on Ilum pointless and simply a battle of the classes with the pull ability). Maybe opening up the customization in crafting and setting up filter options to prevent unwanted abuse. I know guilds would love to use emblems and in game colors to represent themselves. There is just so much to contribute here even by a predictable mmo standard. I guess what I'm asking for is a less sterile environment. I mean the only reason I would ever go back to any planet you guys have created is to RP or for comms. Thats it . Its kind of a waste you know and to waste the potential of Star Wars is a major crime.

Imagine though, like a "Minecraft" type setup (much better graphics though hehe), where you could purchase a hanger and build your own guild ship/base from scratch. That would make this game worth playing again and motivate a better in-game economy for real ship parts and supplies. Maybe put in an exploration patch to visit a new set of planets or open space for combat and resource mining with your guild ship and only allow it to exist and be accessible where it was last docked lol. Too much? Maybe for Subed players only? Heck I should make that a game. Its like a TON of games in existence right now in one. *hint hint* (It can be done)
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