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Question #1: Can we expect any focus on sandbox elements anytime soon? And which kind?

Comment: Sandbox features keeps players in game and mitigate the issue of burning content too fast.

Question #2: Are you at all working on bringing in world PvP in TOR and along that the WAR between the 2 factions?

Comment: Warzones gets boring in the long term and (eventually) a single planet isn't world PvP but a bigger instance.

Question #3: Can we expect any improvement both on character(and companions) body customization and gear customization, from new tattoos down to gear dyes and appearance tabs? Both at character creation and in game.

Comment: Character(and companions) customization is seriously lacking for a game in which we keep seeing our characters in full screen during cut scene. And the Mods UI is tedious and not even as flexible as appearance tabs.

Question #4: Will we finally be able to play companions because we like them instead of being "required" to use them because of their skills? (Ie: kit roles or equivalent)

Comment: Ex: Stih Warriors have an issue with Quinn.

Question #5: Chat bubbles: when? Are you even working on them at all?

Comment: Not needed.

Question #6: Dual (or more) specs Yes/No/When?

Comment: It's much needed to mitigate the lack of specific trinity roles and being efficient both in PvP, grouped PvE and single player PvE

Question #7: How about Pazaak, pod/swoop racing?

Comment: How can you not have Pazaak, even single player one when you do own the source code and licence for it with Kotor, seriously?

Question #8: Why automated re-queue to WZ was removed at all? And will be ever be able not to select the WZ we don't enjoy?

Comment: Forcing player to do content they don't like = not happy customers and well it ends us leaving WZ we don't like upon spawning in.

Question #9: How about real ranked WZ with gear imposed by the game? And well allowing players not to queue against ranked groups and be ganked?

Comment: Ain't any fun in that at all.

Question #10: Why adding even more CC in PvP in 1.4 when players already gave overwhelming feedback the game felt like Stun Wars?

Comment: Being stunned means removing the keyboard from the hands of the player == bad behavior.

Question #11: Mercs and Commando: did you realize you "nerfed" them a lot when they in fact needed some luvin? Are you going to do anything at all, or are we... doomed?

Comment: I don't have any desire to play my Gunnery Commando at all, while it was my PvP character and I, so far, accepted it to be weaker than others and not desired in Ranked WZ.

Question #12: Seems my friends playing Consular or Inquisitor are far from happy with the 1.4 changes, and most other players don't seems to feel the changes were needed? Say what?

Comment: My Sage and Inquisitor are too low level to comment.

Question #14: Mail can we have mail sent directly to our datapad like in 2004 SWG and 2012 GW2? And how about companions carrying packages between our home (space ship) and ourselves?

Comment: Being obliged to go to a post office feels like so much old school and does not promotes socialization at all.

Question $15: How about browsing the GTN with our datapad?

Comment: We are in a retarded civilization compared to SW setting and we can browse ebay with iPhones and have packaged delivered(picked up) to(from) our home/office.

Question #16: Cn we expect something along: lengthening GTN posting to 7 days?

Comment: Would help promoting trading lower level items.

Question #17: Will we be able to recall directly to our space ships to mitigate the loading screens?

Comment: Play GW2 and /cry...

Question #18: How about target transfer? If I DPS a friend it will DPS it's target?

Comment: Well something that makes playing less tedious.

Question #19: More quickslot bars and being able to move around companions skills? When?

Comment: This point is really disappointing and much needed.

Question #20: Can we have a mouse look toggle?

Comment: Turning around with the mouse can be painful for some of us, especially during long game play sessions.

Bonus Questions
Question #A: The announced level 50 space missions feels like a waste of $$$ and dev efforts. Can you explain the choice behind this, because none of my friends (still playing) ever do a space mission.

Comment: I'm afraid the "secret space project" might have even been ditched or won't be what players expect: something based on X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter.

Question #B: Can you please just ditch the 1.2 gear instead of even re-colorizing it?

Comment: What did you not understand in: players don't like it and don't feel it suits a SW setting?

Hopefully not wasted my time writing these questions.
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