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09.18.2012 , 07:52 PM | #10
Quite upsetting to see a 8+ hour "maintenance" period go to waste for us APAC server players especially when nothing was done!???, now as iamgonnabeevil has mentioned about merging us NOW or at least before TFB is released would be appreciated. Master Da'nala as such has lost a good 300 subs already thats for sure regardless if they created new toons on other servers and quite frankly i do not wish to make a new toon on other servers when i have spent the time and effort to fully gear one of my 50's and my others 50's for the legacy buffs. if you wish to see more APAC players unsubb then keep ignoring such simple requests from genuine players. will be looking forward to hear from Bioware soon.

Yours sincerely HandSolo'd