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09.18.2012 , 07:04 PM | #23
The only question that comes to my mind which wasn't asked before me, is that: When and how are you planning to introduce the revamped Achievement (aka. Codex) system?
You've been talking about it for some time also (besides many other things).

It would be really interesting and motivating to many players if you'd reward those who achieve full mastery in some of the achievements (or complete the whole thing), (with special mount or armor or title or companion customization, etc...)

Also if you could revamp it in a way that we could see from all characters our achievement unlocks on the same servers. For example on my sorcerer I could also see and read the JK achievement unlocks (including story specific ones, just indicate which class' story it belongs to).

The companion presence and class heroic moment and emote unlocks were great motivation to experience each and every class through their entire story line. This revamped achievement system could be also another incentive to play each and every class. Which hopefully I don't have to break down what it could mean consequently.