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Thank you for once again ignoring the apac area, you ignored us in release and you have ignored us with the extra character slots. Three servers ignored and you consider this confusion, in this so called confusion did you forget any US servers or euro servers, the answer would be no because you had to consolidate those ones. We know you wont be able to add the extra slots to the apac servers with out taking them down (we are not that stupid) but please do not take them down for another 8 hours. This needs to be done this week (should be today) do not wait for next tuesday.

It would be nice to give the apac servers a small compensation for this confusion but then everyone else would complain so this wont happen.

I would settle for a better explaination as to why we got forgotten.
You should be careful what you ask for. You know the downtime will be in our primetime right? Pretty sure this can wait until next Tuesday.
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