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09.18.2012 , 06:23 PM | #28
Some of my main issues with Gav Daragon that could be solved by a merge.

I want to run HM Denova so I can get ready for the new Op in 1.4, how is this to happen when there is nobody geared enough that isn't already in a set raid group.

The disparity in PVP gear for 50's is getting worse by the day, even to the point some of the best Rep players have offered to throw matches just to get us some comms. There will not be RWZ's until this is fixed, there will barely be regular matches either.

Level 50 PVP wont pop during the day. I am sick of playing under 50 pvp just to get a pop.

Peakhour downtime 2 nights a week

The lack of an economy. the GTN is near empty of anything useful or affordable.

Toxic inter-guild relationships.

Lack of Healers (I am one, however running people through BT everyday isn't exciting to me, nor is doing SM ops over and over) I am one of the only Imp healers in 50's PVP also which causes endless frustration, being ganked sometimes 30+ times in match by Min/Maxed WH geared reps. why play if I respawn to be killed straight away. I still queue 100% of the time I am logged in though.

Rage Quitters - This isn't a huge issue but it is growing, the instant things turn bad people leave wz's. I understand leaving because of trolls or RL stuff but quitting once 2 nodes have been capped is a joke. (I myself have been leaving when a select few people start trashing my guild/friends)

I really love SWTOR but I hate the low population. I have sent complaints to CS in-game and they just keep saying the same **** about waiting and exciting things coming and all the other generic BS they have in their template responses.

I have invested a lot of time into gearing my toons and will not be rerolling on another server, nor will I be subbing again till the transfer option is given or a merge made.