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Please take another stance on this new "Q&A" thing, and pick actual tough questions asked again and again by the community.

The Q&A was laughable with regards to the picked questions.. Now is the time to rebuild the trust.. The ones that are playing right now are the real long term fans.. But we need to have some confidence in you guys, and trust you not to just hand this game to the F2P demons..

My question then: With all the talk about accuracy on gear, I'd rather ask what's the deal with Alacrity. Even maxed out the Alacrity doesn't offer life saving differences in casting speed. What it does do however is make you burn through your resource faster, and thus it feels like a stat that makes it harder to play a healer. Do you feel alacrity is working as a stat right now, or do you feel it's as counter-productive as a lot of people think it is.
Adjustments could be to either have it boost cast times A LOT more so it would actually feel like a boost that makes a difference.. Like a 2 second cast could be stat'ed down to 1 second if you maxed alacrity. Or you make alacrity speed up resource gain as well, so it would actually make alacrity heavy specs able to do a little more dps without draining themselves of resource..
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