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The APAC PVE and RP servers are hanging in there. From what I heard, the PVP server is close to dead. F2P won't help because informed new players will know about it and won't roll on the PVP server.


I am surprised when I found out this morning we did't get the 12-slot from the overnight update.

So I made the conclusion...... BW has been silent on the subject of any plan for the APAC server becuase they don't want to break the bad news to us..........BW has put F2P implementation as their priority and decided not to allocate any resource to the relatively small player base on the APAC server.

I prefer to believe the dev response on this thread. But that surprised me even more. They just oversighted the update for the APAC server?
the RP server is dead/dying. Don't take it from the TORStatus people because they don't seem to understand that a servers max number of concurrent logins are different between region/server type.