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Why not just answer the questions when we ask them?
Because that would be too easy. Also, I'm sure some of the answers would get lost considering all of the questions that are asked. They could post a weekly/bi-weekly Q&A and have it all linked to in a single thread for easy findings....oh wait, they did that and then stopped. They also didn't keep up the podcast thing (I hate podcasts but I would read the 'transcript'). I get the feeling this won't last long either (also not something I'm interested in but I'm sure others are).

Please, BioWare, post the questions and answers somewhere on the forums for us to read at our own leisure like you did for the podcasts transcripts, for those of us who don't like livestreams/podcasts.

I guess I'll ask a question to make my post more relevant to the thread. When will we get to continue our class stories?
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