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TL;DR = Dalborra and Gav Daragon are fine. Master Dar'Nala is lower population and should be merged with some other PvP server.

This is how the pop of the three APAC servers compares to the average server of their types, and versus SWTOR overall. These numbers represent the portion of players left compared to 6/27/2012. So for instance SWTOR overall has about 20% less logins than a couple months ago. Master Dar'Nala is only about 58% of what it was a couple of months ago - it's lost about 42% of it's population. (Link to how I got these numbers HERE.)

% of 6/27 population
All SWTOR servers 80%

All PvE 80%
Dalborra 82%

All RP PvE 99%
Gav Daragon 92%

All PvP 65%
Master Dar'Nala 58%

Dalborra is actually doing a tiny bit *better* than other PvE servers. Gav Daragon is doing a bit worse than other RP-PvE servers, because it's "only" at 92% of it's post transfer load, but that' means it's doing great!

Master Dar'Nala has lost a lot of people... more than even other PvP servers.

You don't play on our servers so I don't really appreciate you telling me they are fine. And now after the further mergers the gap between our servers and other PvE servers will be huge.

I don't really understand what you numbers even mean anyway, but a servers population is not fine if:

- In prime time WZ q's are 30mins at level 50
- In prime time random HM FPs q's are 30mins or more for even for tanks and heals
- Just out prime time or towards the end HM FPs are reaching over an hour in length
- The recruitment base for guilds is so low it takes weeks to recruit 1 ops spot.

BW need to get the head out of the sand.
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