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Tuesday night, weekly

9pm EST

Joro, Republic Trooper

Official Sponsors:
Dead Star Company
Seelund Trading Company

The start of the track is the stone arch in the western area of the Jundland Wastes, between Outpost Salara and Dreviad Outpost. 400, -1680. The path follows these coordinates: 600, -2050; 1170, -1685; 1400, -850; 1215, -100

Come on out to Jung Ma's only weekly event, the Jundland Swoop Race on Tatooine! This good old fashioned race is open to both factions and anyone with a speeder is free to join. There is no entry fee to race; all you need is a 90% speeder and to be there. Faster speeders are forbidden in this race, so that anyone with a speeder can participate.

As I said, this is an event open to both factions on Tatooine. Combat between players and racers is strictly forbidden. Accidents happen (especially with the local Mandalorians needing to be cleaned up) but if a player is deliberately griefing players of the opposing faction, they will be opened to attack, and banned from my Race. This is not some Hutt-sponsored Pod Race.

This race is currently funded out of my own pocket, as well as through generous donations from our sponsors. The first place winner walks away with 100,000 credits. Second place walks away with 50,000 credits, and third place 25,000 credits. Guards and people who assist with the race (act as waypoints, watch the finish line, etc.) will receive 10,000 credits for their assistance.
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Joro - Seelund Trading Co, Jung Ma