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Tomb of Freedon Nadd - Black Hole & Campaign Crafters List

this list stop updating after hazmat/dread guard gear became more common, feel free to post your 26 stuff anyways

Post the Following:
Crafter's Name:
Exact Item Name:

Blue name = Republic
Red name = Empire

Please don't post prices/fees etc.
The list will be Updated frequently.
Item links lead to TORHEAD - you can see stats and what materials needed. - Links to this page (use it to paste into in-game chat )




Customizable Gear:


Advanced Patron Barrel 26 - Aristodemus
Advanced Reflex Barrel 26 - vindictus, Pisaurons

Advanced Resolve Hilt 26 - Vindictus
Advanced Force Wielder Hilt 26 - Vindictus
Advanced Might Hilt 26 - Aristodemus, Vindictus, Pro'deamon
Advanced Guardian Hilt 26 - Vindictus

Advanced Adept Enhancement 26 - Kanre, Galliant, Madbane, Aristodemus, Sazed, Costii, Elamshin, Stefftastiq
Advanced Acute Enhancement 26 - Kiisu, Galliant,
Advanced Assault Enhancement 26 - Kiisu, Galliant, Donel, Madbane, Aristodemus, Kologarn, Costii, Sazed
Advanced Battle Enhancement 26 - Ob'lisk, Kiisu, Galliant, Aristodemus, Madbane, Pisaurons, Leravulan, Sazed, Costii, Elamshin
Advanced Bastion Enhancement 26 - Cyntia, Galliant, Leravulan, Elamshin, Sazed
Advanced Bulwark Enhancement 26 - Kiisu, Galliant, Kanre, Costii, Elamshin, Stefftastiq
Advanced Cognizant Enhancement 26 - Kanre, Galliant, Pisaurons, Sazed, V'ox
Advanced Efficient Enhancement 26 - Kiisu, Madbane, Pisaurons
Advanced Finesse Enhancement 26 - Madbane
Advanced Initiative Enhancement 26 - Kanre, Pisaurons, Sazed, Costii, Stefftastiq
Advanced Vigilant Enhancement 26 - Kanre, Madbane, Pisaurons, Costii, Stefftastiq
Advanced Intuition Enhancement 26 - Galliant, Ob'lisk, Leravulan
Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26 - Leravulan, Elamshin
Advanced Volition Enhancement 26 - Galliant, Elamshin


Campaign Relic of Dark Radiance - Leravulan, vindictus
Campaign Relic of the Shrouded Crusader - Sazed


Black Hole Striker's MK-1 Motivator - Cyntia, Stefftastiq
Black Hole Force-lord's MK-1 System - Cyntia, Demian, Xtimi, Smithie
Black Hole Force-healer's MK-4 System - Cyntia
Black Hole Duelist's MK-1 Implant - Cyntia, Galliant, Pisaurons, Stefftastiq
Black Hole Pummeler's MK-1 Package - Daffour, Galliant, Doctorbrain, Vec'tor, Smithie
Black Hole Pummeler's MK-3 Package - Píp
Black Hole Bulwark's MK-1 Implant - Daffour, Demian
Black Hole Annihilator's MK-1 Enhancer - Daffour
Black Hole Annihilator's MK-3 Enhancer - Smithie
Black Hole Demolisher's MK-1 Implant - Daffour, Galliant, Bednica
Black Hole Mender's MK-1 System - Pisaurons, FlatOut
Black Hole Mender's MK-3 System - Vec'tor
Black Hole Boltblaster's MK-4 Package - Sea'Creatures, Xtimi
Black Hole Foestopper's MK-2 Package - Pisaurons, Xtimi
Black Hole Demolisher's MK-3 Implant - Sea'Creatures
Black Hole Targeter's MK-1 Enhancer - Sazed, Xtimi, Smithie
Black Hole Med-tech's MK-2 System - Konnun, Xtimi
Black Hole Targeter's MK-3 Enhancer - Píp


Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 - Galliant, Vindictus, Repölse
Advanced Force Wielder Armoring 26 - Vindictus, Sazed, Susannah
Advanced Might Armoring 26 - Vindictus, Pisaurons
Advanced Guardian Armoring 26 - Jenid , Vindictus, Marahel
Advanced Skill Armoring 26 - Madbane, Galliant Pisaurons
Advanced Reflex Armoring 26 - Jenid , Vindictus
Advanced Commando Armoring 26 - Madbane
Advanced Patron Armoring 26 - Costii

Black Hole Bulwark's MK-1 Module - Madbane
Black Hole Foestopper's MK-3 Device - Madbane
Black Hole Trapper's MK-1 Device - Madbane, Anjinna
Black Hole Trapper's MK-3 Device - Costii
Black Hole Targeter's MK-4 Adaptor - Madbane
Black Hole Demolisher's MK-3 Module - Madbane, Costii
Black Hole Demolisher's MK-1 Module - Pedja
Black Hole Boltblaster's MK-1 Device - Anjinna
Black Hole Duelist's MK-3 Module - Anjinna

Advanced Aptitude Mod 26 - Madbane, Aristodemus, Galliant, Vindictus, Marahel, Sazed
Advanced Aptitude Mod 26A - Kiisu, Galliant,
Advanced Aptitude Mod 26B - Madbane, Marahel
Advanced Mettle Mod 26 - Kiisu, Galliant, Pisaurons, Costii
Advanced Mettle Mod 26B - Sazed
Advanced Reinforced Mod 26 - Madbane, Anjinna
Advanced Reinforced Mod 26B - Madbane, Pisaurons
Advanced Robust Mod 26B - Kanre
Advanced Robust Mod 26 - Anjinna, Galliant, Costii
Advanced Deft Mod 26 - Madbane, Galliant Vindictus, Pisaurons, Sazed, Stefftastiq
Advanced Deft Mod 26B - Kiisu
Advanced Potent Mod 26 - Anjinna, Aristodemus, Madbane, Vindictus, Pisaurons, Kologarn, Sazed, Costii
Advanced Potent Mod 26B - Kiisu, Costii
Advanced Elusive Mod 26B - Madbane, Galliant
Advanced Elusive Mod 26 - Demian, V'ox, Costii
Advanced Resilient Mod 26 - Kanre, Sazed, V'ox, Costii
Advanced Resilient Mod 26B - Kanre
Advanced Artful Mod 26 - Kiisu, Galliant, Costii
Advanced Artful Mod 26A - Kiisu
Advanced Keen Mod 26 - Madbane, Kiisu
Advanced Keen Mod 26B - Madbane, Kiisu, Galliant, Aristodemus, Costii
Advanced Agile Mod 26 - Madbane, Galliant, Pisaurons, Kologarn, Costii, Stefftastiq , Sazed
Advanced Nimble Mod 26 - Kiisu, Aristodemus, Stefftastiq
Advanced Nimble Mod 26B - Madbane, Stefftastiq
Advanced Weighted Mod 26 - Madbane
Advanced Weighted Mod 26B - Kiisu, Galliant Kologarn, Pedja
Advanced Deflecting Mod 26 - Pedja, Costii


Campaign War Leader's Belt - Satharrion
Campaign Force-Master's Sash - Satharrion

Campaign Weaponmaster's Bracers - Sazed
Campaign War Leader's Armguards - Satharrion - My Youtube channel