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Recent feature on Corellian Run Radio Community Spotlight

Immediate openings for 16m HM/Nim content in 2.2: A tank and DPS. We are looking for proficient ranged dps for our op groups. Holler if you think that is you.

Current Immediate Needs for 16-man Raid:
DPS (Exceptional Sniper, Merc, or Marauder)
Op Healer

<E> is a relaxed guild that enjoys both progression and casual raiding and PVP. We are currently recruiting to fill out a 16-man HM TFB operations team. We are 5/5 TFB NIM and 7/7 S&V in both 8m and 16m.

We also welcome players of all skill levels and progression for gearing up and training. We have many casual players who enjoy weekend raiding, flashpoints, and PVP. So if you like to roll alts and gear them up, we do that. If you like to PVP, we do that. If you want to learn the operations, we do that. We play the game even when there is no new content. All types of players contribute to a great guild experience. Please feel free to apply and tell us what you are looking for.

Raiders are expected to be responsible, punctual, and prepared. This means showing up on time and having all consumables necessary for optimal performance.

What makes us unique is our ability to clear the hardest content while having fun. We encourage input from all members of the raid team when tackling new content. There are no drill sergeants.

The type of raider we are looking for are highly skilled, motivated players who don't want to be in a harsh raiding environment. We want players who will help get the hardest of content cleared, but desire to have fun while doing it.

If you would like to run an operation with us or team up for some PVP to see if we are a good fit please contact us. We have a two week trial for new recruits to see if they like our style.

What we offer:

A multi-faceted guild experience.(PVP/PVE/Leveling/Progression raiding)
A Raid team of skilled, knowledgeable players.
Late night PVP runs.
We play the game even when there is no new content.

What type of players we are looking for:
Like to have fun.
Just want to play the game.

If this is what you are looking for please apply at our website or contact Soy(all toons start with soy) or Yaddle/Alette.

Apply Here

<E> Guild - Progression raiding
Fun, casual or hard-core, players feel free to apply