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Welcome to Sol Invictus

Sol Invictus is a mature Republic guild on the Progenitor server (EU).

Our primary focus is to expose PVE endgame and PVP content for our members, we are not roleplayers as such but are sensitive and respectful to that element of the game, indeed we welcome roleplayers to join us.

We operate an "It's your dime and your time" policy, we don't like drama's and most members are (presently) over 30, we consist of a mixture of people from all over Europe and many from further afield than that. Lots of us have families, wives, husbands and children.

PVE Endgame and "Progression Raiding"

Presently we run Operations 2-3 nights a week, we also run 16 man events on occasion.

Our standard Ops' nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays with Ops' starting at 7pm GMT, we often run additional Ops' on Mondays and sometimes Saturdays.

Our Tuesday Operations are run as "Progress Ops" and have a skill requirement, wheras all other Operations we run are based on Gear.

We utilise an extremely fair "pick system" for signing up to Sol Invictus Operations, this system ensures everyone gets a fair crack and no one is left out.

Anyone who wishes to go on Operations should read our Operations Landing Page.

Eternity Vault - Story Mode (5/5), Hard Mode (5/5), Nightmare (5/5) + Infernal Title

Karagga's Palace - Story Mode (5/5), Hard Mode (5/5), Nightmare (5/5) + Unyielding Title

Explosive Conflict - Story Mode (4/4), Hard Mode (4/4)

Terror from Beyond - Story Mode (5/5), Hard Mode (2/5)


We make fairly heavy use of Ventrilo and it really is the best way to get to know us, Ventrilo is only compulsory for Operations.

The Empire

Sol Invictus maintains an Empire guild called "The Invincible Sun" which is for all Sol Invictus members who have Empire alts, we don't presently run events for this side of the game but are keen to ensure our community has a home on both sides.

Joining Sol Invictus

Please visit our Recruitment page to make an application, all applications must be approved online before an ingame invite can be sent, all new members are "recruits" for the first week before becoming full members.

Officer Roster -

GM - (Main) - Solomon. (Alts) - Salome, Logan, Hammerstine, Jared-Nomak.
DGM - (Main) - Shai-Huluud. (Alts) - Arthmael, Keyser, Valentyne, Gaiuss, Sentinal, Shakra, Daedelus.
Officer - (Main) - Layana. (Alts) - Enli.
Officer - (Main) - Kayleen. (Alts) - Quali.
Officer - (Main) - Queshin. (Alts) - Narsil, Fewesar.

Applications should be made on our website which is linked in my signature below.

May the force be with you.
RIP SWG - Jonni Mnemonic (Bria)