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Last updated: July 15, 2014

TLDR: Pax Republica is a PvP/PvE/GSF guild of 50+ super active, super mature, super fun players. We excel and have fun in all areas of the game, especially Hard Mode tier PvE, unranked warzones, open world PvP, and GSF (Galactic Starfighter). We are currently working on Nightmare mode progression as well!


****2.2 Notes****
"New Feature! Characters in a guild will receive an XP and Reputation bonus based on the number of characters from unique accounts in the guild:
For every five active unique accounts in a guild, the XP bonus increases by 1% (on top of the base 5%) for the entire guild, up to a maximum of 10%."

I can happily say that Pax Republica, thanks to it's activity policies and high recruiting, has over 50 active accounts in the guild, so our guild offers the full xp and reputation bonus. Join us now!



GSF (Galactic StarFighter) is here! Pax is definitely having fun believes we are making a name for ourselves as some of the best pilots on the server. Join us today! We have teamspeak and we will definitely be using it to coordinate our aerial battles.

We also have an alliance with other guilds to ensure that no one is flying solo unless they want to be.


As of July 15, 2014 we are:

1/5 NiM DF
5/5 HM DF
5/5 HM DP

1/5 NiM TFB
0/7 NiM S&V

fully cleared the new story mode raids, Dread Palace, Dread Fortress, in 16 and 8man.

7/7 HM S&V
5/5 HM TFB
4/4 NiM EC (Nightmare Kephess on farm mode!)

3/4 NiM EC (pre 2.0)
5/5 HM TFB (pre 2.0)
4/4 HM EC
5/5 Nightmare KP
5/5 Nightmare EV

We don't aim to be server first... we aim to be server happiest and most respected.


More importantly than our in-game achievements, though, is that we're a tight-knit guild that looks to be friends before being teammates. We have a well structured trial system to ensure we're the perfect guild for you, and that you fit in with us. We have very strong leadership in myself and my officers to lead us into the future of SWTOR. Everyone is very friendly, we have very active and organized forums, Teamspeak, and a guild bank that offers weekly repair and re-spec allowances for members.

A member said this about us recently in one of our membership spotlights, and I really liked it:

"► What do you like best about Pax Republica?

The community really makes this guild feel unique. We have members from such diverse backgrounds from across the globe that can unite and get along towards a singular purpose, and have a great time doing it. I have never experienced a community like this one anywhere else in gaming!"

For more information, please check out, or send me a PM in game ("Nwahs") or on these forums with questions. Thanks!


If you enjoy videos, check out these channels for Pax Republica videos:


Here is the "Speed-Dating" Info taken from our forums:

Pax Republica "Speed Dating"

Pax Republica was formed in 2009 by Gaiutus and a handful of members.

° We are a PVP/PVE guild currently residing on the Prophesy of the Five (Pot5) server.

Our goal is to have 100 active members. We want to be small enough that we all actually know each other, but large enough to be able to complete any content we want easily.

° We have a very organized and demanding application and Trial process to ensure that when people join us, they feel we fit what they are looking for, and that we feel the new member fits in. We also have strict activity policies to avoid that uncomfortable feeling in guilds where people fall off the radar or you don't know who you're playing with anymore.

Our focus is to have the most honorable, mature, and fun members on the server to play with, in any content the game offers. We strive to be highly competitive and organized in PvP, and clear all PvE content the game has to offer.

° We can't really label ourselves as a hardcore or casual guild, as we have and welcome members of all playstyles. We want to be welcome to casual, but active, players, and we want to be attractive to hardcore PvP players and Raiders as well. You can't be a leech or a loner, but you also don't have to sign up for every raid or Ranked War Zone either.

We are recruiting for all Advanced Classes!

° We have many guild allies including but not limited to Perseverance, BAHG, Republic Special Forces, and The Armada. We also have a friendly rivalry with the Sith guild Kajidic.

We don’t like Trolls, Trollz, Trollollolls, or any other unscrupulous buffoons who feel that throwing insults over the internet makes you tough. We strive to fight with honor in all engagements over winning at all costs.

° We have members who actively respond to griefing and camping by high level Imperials throughout the galaxy. Killing a Pax member once and moving on gets a “that’s fair” response. Killing them a second time or a third gets the “You’re dead and we’re all going to throw a tea party in your honor” response.

Pax Republica does not believe in trolling, griefing, camping, or inappropriately touching baby Rodians as none of those actions require skill and fall outside our personal views of what is ‘proper’. If you are ever on the receiving end of a PR member behaving in any of these shameful manners please let us know! (Include screenshots!)

° As of September 2013, our average Prime-time member count online ranged between 15-25.

We believe in quality of person over quality of player. In simple terms – you can change someone into a better gamer easier than you can change someone into a better person.

Teamspeak Information:
SWTOR Thread Guild Website
4/4 NiM EC, 10/10 HM DF&DP, 1/5 NiM TFB, 1/5 NiM DF
Prophecy of the Five | Guild Leader | International Guild