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09.18.2012 , 12:56 AM | #9
Defiantly liked the 1st option, i also see it being easier to implement and be easier to use (since this game targets the casual community so much i doubt we will see option #2 people would be using it and go flying into walls...)

Then again i see both options as potential exploits to datacron hunters, However that shouldn't stop them, since sage's have a friendly pull and guardians have a friendly leap and can just use a party to cheat for them. (though it would be slightly different since you wouldn't need a 2nd person...)

I had also thought about a skill of this type for scoundrel's too. In fact to be fair all 8 class's should have it if you look at the movie's*, though that wasn't where this post was going, (commando's/mercs getting a movement skill they lack)
it would make PvP a bit more interesting.

*Luke use's a similar skill to repel an AT-AT
*i don't remember the specific's but in #1 *timeline wise* they use'd a similar skill too.
* i'm sure i could find more example's but its late at night and i'm lazy

P.S. may want to disable said skill when holding the huttball, that way its not exploited...then again if we all have the skill i don't see the issue
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