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09.18.2012 , 12:23 AM | #732
In regards to the 20 sec cool-down on force speed for inquisitors.

Does this mean that tank-sins are going to have the ability to damn near spam force speed? Tanksins can reduce force speed cooldown by 10secs, which means that they'll force speed every 10 secs. This can create an unfair advantage in pvp; especially huttball and ALD.

In regards to the changes regarding crowd control.

By Bioware's own admission, the original idea was go in as stealth, and use it on an unaware opponent from a distance. which is more or less the point in pvp. Now, you'll have to make your opponent aware of your intentions and presence. Sounds like a change made for ****** players to me. Sure, everyone gets frustrated when it happens to them, but that's why in pvp, you need teamwork. You need a buddy to back you up, for those situations. You need to call inc, you need to use your head. This change will have a negative affect on pvp.
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