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Quote: Originally Posted by Liquidacid View Post
they gave you servers because people from there cried, screamed, begged and threw tantrums asking for and demanding them
Lol no, most of us did not, and most of us didn't even ask for them.

Also, you have ZERO SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. Those of us who did ask for APAC servers did so at a time when the game was THRIVING and Bioware was claiming we would get over 2 million subscribers and give us new content every month with all sorts of upgrades and optimizations coming soon! We were fed to believe that the APAC servers would thrive based on how awesome this game was going to be. When that reality quickly and rapidly changed over the last few months, what is their response? Silence.

So yeah, excuse us for wanting solutions to our problems which exist TODAY, instead of being held to decisions made months ago when the situation was much different than it is now.

And regarding your condescending tone, yeah, I hope you are stuck with every single decision that you've made in your life and are never given a chance to change course and adapt when the winds change.