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The general consensus on all 3 servers is the same, Master Dar'Nala; no OW pvp anyway, we don't care if we go tp PvE and they don't care either, same with RP, they said they aren't even that RP oriented and those few that are can be gotten round easily with /ignores and unique RP channels etc.
I'm sorry but where did you get this 'consensus' that the RPers are happy to move?

Most of the people posting in this and other threads are NOT RPers, the servers are RP oriented because quite a lot of people are always in character. And we do also do events but given that we deliberately exclude one of the most prominent guilds posting in support of a merge, it's no surprise that they don't realise that it happens

And frankly, I don't particularly think many of them will be keen on being abused or mocked by morons just because of how they communicate with a group.