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You're getting your servers upgraded to high-pop tech servers in preparation for F2P. That's what the downtime is for.
Guarantee you, that won't take 8 hours. The consolidation will be by far the lengthiest part of this procedure, just based on sheer data and logistics.

That is not happening in APAC. Those servers will be down and in stasis while the NA servers get polished up after the mergers, and most of you will be asleep.

We'll all be wide awake, hoping to play a bit after a day of work, and can't.

And for what? We'll log in tomorrow evening and find everything EXACTLY THE SAME. NA will have gotten better WZ queues, and AUS will just have lost prime game time and gained a greater ability to host nothing at all.

At least let the APAC servers come back up once you're done with them and are spending the true bulk of the time handling the consolidations that have no effect on them...