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Quote: Originally Posted by scullzomben View Post
Server consolidation is needed.

As a previous poster said there is NO, I repeat NO, world PvP on Master Dar Nala. I have leveled 8 characters to 50, do you want to know how many times I engaged in Open World PvP? 3 times. Twice on Belsavis, and once in the Voss Temple.

These servers need to be merged in to one. RP'ers can RP in their own chat. PVE'rs can PvE all they want. PvP'ers will still just sit on the fleet and wait for WZ's to pop.
Really? i've always had a scrap or two along the way to 80. Most of it seems to happen ontatooine,voss and alittle on belsavis.

That being said i will miss the world pvp when it happens, then again maybe i won't.