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I voted Flashpoints - as this is where it is most needed. This is almost dead now and we need ppl to get groups for this more easy. I'd prefer x-realm coz i have the view that it is more important to get groups fast and efficiant then to stay whithin your own server. Bioware saya they wanna keep the server community by making groups inside the server, but i feel this only has limited effect on the server community. X-realam also helps grouping on unbalanced servers, so i feel its a much bigger pro then a con.

I do feel people need LFG tool for HC quests and Operations also.

Something simulare to the PvP tool would be awesome - you sign up for a HC FP and when your group is ready you get message. Though it is needed to be ways to kick players going afk or being unfriendly, and there needs to be a panalty for leaving.

Personaly i feel the LFG that eventualy came in WoW was very nice and well receaved by the community there, for worling well. After a lot of experiance they found out that giving rewards for roles that were rare gave more signups for this role, and that buffing "random" groups also motivated players to sign up for this.
I think some sort of completion buff would be a great motivator for people to run flashpoints daily. Similar to how you can get a buff for completing world boss on Voss Nightmare Pilgrim. Diablo 3 has a buff that increases gold find after five elite groups are killed. Something along those lines may be appropriate here.

Now that the LookingForGroup Tool is live and I have used it for a while now, I think Bioware implemented LFG well. There still seems to be something missing. For example, if you are level 50 and need social points, you are not able to join a queue for low level flashpoints. Which means, a lot of people will be advertising their interest in joining a FP in general chat.

Another problem is returning to missions on planets requires travel back from fleet to planet after using lfg interface. Maximizing play-time is important to some, so I believe this addition will gain the required support to add to live.
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