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Oceanic servers transfer hs been ignored. Check this link -- , then click "High population servers and consolidation matrix".

Dalborra >>> Dalborra !!!
Gav Daragon >>> Gav Daragon !!!
Master Dar'Nala >>> Master Dar'Nala !!!

Quote: Originally Posted by aVmuse View Post
You are no loss to the dalborra server, but I'm glad you like to put yourself in a disadvantage with higher ping.
Do we need a super server for the oceanic's? Probably, but it's only so the pvpers think they'll get more ranked matches. Because in Dalborra there is plenty of people to do ops with.
The population in these Oceanic servers are not only containing poeple from Australia, also other Asia countries like me, and we have zero benefit on ping in these servers, in fact I have worse ping to Dalborra than to The Harbinger. I moved to here 'coz I thought there are more ppl to play with at my prime time, clearly a wrong choice.

Anyway, ping is never what I concern. WoW; GW2; Rift; and dozen of other MMOs I played, they are all sitting around 150ms-250ms ping for years for me from I was starting with UO, then EQ, then Asheron's Call, then Anarchy Online, then DAoC... your name it, I never need a server located next to my house in order to be epic in PvP. Some disadvantage on PvP -- yes. Unplayable -- NO. I can live with ping for PvP/PvE, I cannot live with dying population and long queue. Who care about ping while most of time I can do is waiting on the fleet or farm Black-Hole again the #34,262 times?

You like your 15ms ping, okay, no one ask you to transfer, stay in Dalborra as long as you like, your choice. But give people a choice to leave here, 'coz we want to. You can have your super smooth ping "Light" server to play with, I can enjoy my 150ms "Heavy" server. Win win.

You don't need to leave, but I am not going to stay for your own benefit. You can stay, Bioware, let me go. I am definitely not a loss to the Dalborra server also.