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Please both of, I would prefer not to have allies fighting each other. Rafeesh then activated a shuttle in one of the hangars.Mal, Sabrina. The shuttle is ready. It is an honor to have met both of you, and I hope to meet again. Hadock do you know where Jot and Nara are? Rafeesh then stepped over to a table where a crate was sitting on the ground. He lifted it onto the table and opened it. He pulled out to small pouches. These contain various items for both of you. They both have one greater krayt dragon pearl in each, which our beast master has procured, along with other various other items. The pearl is for you to keep as a trophy, or in Mal's case, use in a lightsaber. For I have heard, however I do not know if it is true, that a krayt dragon pearl can be used as a focusing crystal in lightsabers.
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