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Ravvok arrived minutes later and met woth Mean. He wore a wicked grin on his hooded face. Something you wish to tell me? he asked.
"Me? Why, I have been sitting in a cantena doing nothing of note, what would I have to tell you?" Mean quickly glanced around, satisfyed no one was easdroping "Well, sith, I thank you for ridding me of that worm. I promised you a reward, so go ahaid and name your price, and I will give it to you if it is within my power."

Zero suddenly stormed over, failing to see ravvok at all in her anger, and grabed mean by the collar, and begain whispering angerly "YOU MORON! YOU CAN''T JUST KILL OFF THE HEAD OF IMPERIAL INTELGENCE BECAUSE HE ANNOYED YOU! I SHOULD TURN YOU IN RIGHT NOW!"

"calm down Zero, I diden't kill the fool. I was in a cantena the whole time, remember?" Mean looks over at the sith, still smiling