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All the PvPrs do on Master D is WZs anyway so when the servers merge...which they will eventually. I assure you your epeen will be quite safe. Thank you for being so welcoming I look forward to meeting you good sir.
Would not be so anti PvP player if I had not be caught in the forced PvP so many times. I hate PvP with every fibre of my being so I choose to not play that way, but sadly with this games setup it can be forced and you will usually get ganked just for ****z and giggles. So maybe you are not like that, sadly so many PvPers are like that.

Anyway They will have transfers eventually I am sure and F2P should see PvP fill a bit as well.

As far as welcoming goes, I am to most, just not to gankers and sadly it's a rep most PvP players have had forced on them by the idiots. Sorry you feel offended for my sterotyping, but I can't really change about how I view PvP in general.