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Oh shut up, you rotting maggot Ravvok said. The door closed behind him as the Sith drew his lightsabers, putting three large cuts in Keeper before impaling him. He deactivated his sabers and left the HQ. He sent a message back to Meanken explaining that the deed was done.
Mean smiled as he saw the message and sent a reply "Meet me in kass square ASAP" he then put in a call to Zero "Zero, I just got a message, it seems keeper has been killed by a unknown assalent."

What are you talking about? WHAT DID YOU DO, MEAN?!"

"why, I have no idea what you are talking about, I have been sitting in this cantena this whole time. meet me in kass square." Mean got up, payed for his drink, and walked over to kass square to wait for the sith