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Sooooo, at roughly the 6 month point when most mmo's are adding killer new content, you guys are just finally fixing the server issue that you've been sitting on since february... WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is why I left. You have been so long in addressing your customers issues that I just left along with scores of others. With GW2 out and fixing problems as they come up and already working on new content and TAKING CARE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS... you guys are not gonna last without an attitude change toward your customers.
I think you're lying cause you're still here and still very emotional about it all.

Glad you have stuck around.

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Are we getting our bonus character slots with this *up to 12*? I left some characters on my origin Server, Shadowhand, because I wanted certain character classes on ShadowLands, however I do want all my characters on Shadowlands but 8 slots prevented this, will my 50 on Shadowhand be moved to Shadowlands even though I have all 8 slots filled? If not will I have the option to move her for free when slots become available?
If I understoond it right.

Any toons you left on origin servers will be merged into the destination server. Even if you have 8 toons on a destination server and bring 8 more over. you will now have 16 toons on one server. Problem being, you cannot create anymore toons till your number goes back down to under 12 as 12 is the technical max but it seems cause people are forced to merge. You get additional slots for all your toons.

The only real drawback is if you have toons on a server combination that do not all go to the same destination server. They you will have a split family of toons.