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09.17.2012 , 09:11 AM | #7
I dont mind B or C. But I think people are under some illusion that individual mods will cost cheaper than the actually full gear piece itself. And if they do go to this system, and the individual mods do cost cheaper, I'm guessing it will only cost like 1/5 cheaper than the full gear piece with all mods.

Bioware knows how many people are buying X gloves(or whatever else piece of gear) to just pull out the mod or enhancement. They WANT this comm/time sink in the game for those that CHOOSE to optimize their gear.

Call me old fashion, but I love gear progression. If they change to the D system, then I'll probably stop subscribing and playing all together. It's the gear progression that keeps me hooked. I mean, PvP is fun and all, but nothing changes. There aren't tournaments, there's no WvWvW that switches servers every X weeks, it's just warzone after warzone.

Take away my grind for the next best tier of gear, and I'm gone.