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We were having so much fun with the drabbles in the AU thread, I thought I’d throw a couple over here too. And I apologize in advance, the tone of these fragments is all over the place. A side effect of short bits, I suppose.

Also behind on thread, darn it, will comment later.

Mixed Drabbles (I cannot turn down the opportunity for a good pun)

Ceremonies. Varrel Umrahiel. Occurs during SW prologue, but no spoilers. 42 words.


Brotherhood/sisterhood Jesp Rixik and Gault, no specific timeframe, though probably interlude between chapter 1 and 2. No spoilers, 144 words.


This one is actually part of a longer piece, occurring after An Awkward Reunion, where Corso insists on meeting Kirya’s parents. Kirya, having been estranged from them for years, is not keen on the prospect.

Ceremonies. Kirya and Corso, no spoilers, 187 words.