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I've tried this, its honestly not working for me. Rotation is good, spec is good. I see people who are less geared than I am on my Sorc healer, and they are cranking out 6k - 7.5k heals. I cant get passed 5.5k. Its really starting to irritate the hell out of me. I cant figure this out and Im really ready to just retire this toon. It honestly doesnt feel like it was worth it. Any help would be appreciated. Am I wrong? or is this sorc healing garbage really for the birds?
The problem with a post like this is that you're basically saying "I'm doing everything right but it doesn't work for me". Unless BioWare has specially changed things on the server so that the game works differently for you than everyone else, that clearly can't be the case. You're playing the same glorified spreadsheet with the same rules as the rest of us.

Secondly, how much your Deliverance hits for is greatly dependent on gearing choices, your target's spec, and the buffs in play. Are healers around you really cranking about constant 6-7.5k heals, or is it simply that you're only noticing (and focusing on) the bigger numbers? Regardless, I can't help you without an AMR gear profile or at least a rundown of your stat totals.

Third, why does it matter? Are you having trouble healing content? Is your goal to heal a group successfully, or just to hit large numbers? If the latter, perhaps DPS would suit you more. Deliverance is a filler spell, and gearing to increase the amount it crits for isn't going to make your overall healing better.
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