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09.16.2012 , 10:11 PM | #1
i am someone that considers myself an experienced gamer, and still got this one wrong for quite a while.
i thought that NEED meant the item would go to the group member that needed it, and GREED meant i was being greedy and just wanted the item no matter what.

for those of us that read the forums there is a thread here;
need greed

but there are many people that don't read the forums, and rarely look at the videos.
this is a video that i think should be one of the first few in the tutorial section.
it could save allot of hard feelings later.
--- please forgive me for i have eaten from the tree of experience.
another very good reason to NOT hire older workers that have seen a thing or two.
we love progress and innovation, and we are eager to let you know when it's the same old crappy idea with a new coat of paint and a room deodorizer duct taped on the bumper.