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09.16.2012 , 08:45 PM | #35
Honestly, looking at the way the game is set up: you can't have APAC maintenance at a different time. The client doesn't determine which server you are logging into until after the game has launched, as such multiple version would be a nightmare. If it was server driven that would work fine.

What I find slightly more concerning is that historically, 8 hour maintenance windows have been major patch releases. Usually the week following one of these major patch releases we have 1 or 2 emergency maintenance times also in APAC prime time. Typically one of them is on Thursday, a prime raiding night for many guilds.

I'm fine with weekly maintenance. I knew what we Aussies were getting into with this game and maintenance times. What really irks me is multiple maintenance periods in one week, all of which are in our prime time.