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i did put a ticket in the second i realized that i had just wasted all of my money for an empty room and a vendor that i can't use.
i did do an update on the date and server and character name.
at this point i just want my One Million credits back.
i don't think its right to charge that much for nothing really.
and again had i known that regardless of buying the 1 Million credit VIP band i would still need to
spend the One Hundred and Fifty Dollars for the Collector’s Edition...not to mention the Collector's Edition isn't available to purchase anywhere, let alone ORIGIN !

so please B/W give me back my creds.
At least you didn't spend an extra $100 on an empty room, with practically nothing of any real value on the vendor. There should have been unique companion looks for ALL companions, and there should have been a Republic version of the Imperial Dancer outfit and an Imperial version of the Republic Dancer outfit. As it stands, those of us who bought the collector's edition got pretty well ripped off (as far as in-game content goes).

They promised that there would be new items added, but it looks like that's never going to happen. That's especially true now that such items would be prime candidates for F2P micro-transactions.

A friend picked up two copies of the CE a few weeks ago for $29.99 each at GameStop. Fail.
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